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About Us

Since 1998, Refracto Technologies Corp. machining experts have been the go-to guys for complicated projects, providing a variety of specialty machining services for companies in the USA & Abroad. Our expertise covers refractory metal machining and electrical discharge machining (EDM). We combine the right people with the right machining equipment, providing economical and innovative machining methods and tailoring our work to unusual parts and components that require exotic metals and specialty materials. Our staff works closely with customers to develop customized machine parts. By stocking a wide range of materials to manufacture parts in the shortest possible time, we are able to handle both large and small orders and are quite experienced in fulfilling larger inventory requirements.

Industries Served:

Aerospace | Communication Satellites | Defense & Military | Electronics | Medical | Microwave | Nuclear | Pharmaceutical | Semiconductor | Solar | Tools & Molds

Great Prices

Volume discounts are available and pricing is always competitive. We are committed to safety and dependability. Our quality control process is an integral part of our service. Every quality control step utilizes specialized tools and inspection devices. Our work is 100% guaranteed & isn't finished until you are satisfied.

Here for You

Our exceptionally skilled and experienced staff takes pride in our innovation and continuing education. All of our employees are accredited users of our high-tech, cutting-edge equipment. We strive to deliver what you need and exceed your expectations. Our niche is quoting great rates on jobs. We are always here to discuss your machining questions and needs. Please contact us online or by telephone at (631) 438-1361.