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Complete Milling, Turning, & Grinding in Bohemia, NY

Refracto Technologies Corp. in Bohemia, New York, is a complete job shop that specializes in precision CNC machining and CNC EDM machining, as well as milling, turning, & grinding in Bohemia, NY. With experience working with refractory, specialty, and exotic metals, we are in the business of providing value-added services to assist you in completing your projects. High quality and delivery are our top priorities in supplying our customers with our CNC EDM, wire, sinker, and conventional CNC machining capabilities. With several wire and sinker EDM machines running 24/7 and dozens of milling, turning, grinding, and finishing machines available to conventionally machine your parts or components, Refracto Technologies Corp. can be an extension of your manufacturing organization. Contact us today!

Specialty Parts Machining

At Refracto Technologies Corp., we routinely machine unusual parts and components requiring special shapes, contours, and features with both conventional and EDM equipment. We use EDM machining to cut perfectly round micro holes and slots as small as 3 micron (.00011"). All wire diameters are utilized allowing us to machine part features with small radii corners or faster removal rates on parts up to 16 inches high and up to 45 degree tapered cuts. Also, we are able to machine mirror finishes on precision components for various industries, and provide ultra-high precision machining on curved, inclined surfaces and round material. EDM machining is also available for all shapes of blind fastener sockets, splines, gears, and racks in all materials. Our extensive materials machined list, shown below, demonstrates our vast EDM and conventional machining experience.

Materials Machined:

Alloy Steels | Aluminum | Brass | Carbide | Carbon Steels | Cobalt | Copper Conductive | Ceramics | Gold | Graphite | Hardened Steels | Hastelloy™ | High Performance Alloys | Inconel | Kovar™ | Lead | Magnesium | Monel | Nickel | Molybdenum | Niobium | Platinum | PCD | Rhenium | Silver | Stainless Steels | Superalloys | Tantalum | Titanium | Tool Steels | Tungsten | Tungsten Alloys

Milling, Turning, & Grinding

Complete your project with our CNC milling and turning. We take care of all steps of machining, from raw materials to your finished and certified product. Also, we are able to add on our EDM services to your supplied finished parts or blanks. Additionally, we offer precision grinding, lapping, and finishing services as your part or component requires. Refracto Technologies Corp. also provides prototypes and production runs to your specifications.