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Effective Electrical Discharge Machining in Bohemia, NY

At Refracto Technologies Corp., we specialize in electrical discharge machining in Bohemia, NY, also known as EDM. This metal machining process uses a tool that discharges thousands of sparks to a conductive workpiece. Unlike conventional metal cutting, EDM machining works on parts or components made of hard-to-cut materials. We supply EDM services for your parts or components, machining contours, and features to your exacting specifications. We can also supply complete parts from raw material made to your drawing specifications. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

How EDM Works

Electrical Discharge Machining is a manufacturing process that uses electrical discharges or "sparks" to obtain the desired shape of an object made of hard metals or material. The series of rapidly recurring current discharges between electrode and workpiece causes the material removal from the workpiece, separated by a dielectric fluid and subject to an electric voltage. One of the most common types of EDM is die sinking, where the workpiece is submerged in an insulating liquid (dielectric fluid), and a suitable power supply connects it to an electrode. The EDM die sinking process is commonly used by mold-making, tool, and die industries, as well as aerospace, auto, medical, and electronics industries. Other types of EDM include wire and plunge.

Why EDM Is Your Best Choice

Where conventional machining is not possible for hard metals or difficult features, EDM machining is an option that can be relied upon for cutting with accuracy and precision. Since there is no mechanical contact in EDM machining, it allows contours and features to be machined that are not even possible with conventional machining techniques. This includes very delicate features such as thin walls and sharp corners. At the very least, EDM can make an otherwise very difficult conventional machining operation very easy.

Precise Part Making

When you need many parts with a high level of precision and accuracy, then EDM is the right style of machining to meet your needs. Once we take your designs and input them into our CNC electrical discharge machine, our team will be able to create as many parts as you need for your manufacturing run. 

Because electrical discharge machining does not use an actual cutting tool, every part will be exactly the same with no scratches or tool marks on the surface. This is perfect when you need pieces with a perfectly smooth surface. 

Creating Complex Shapes 

If you need to make an unconventionally shaped part that has lots of intricate components, then trust our team to create it for you. By using EDM machining, we can make precise cuts and changes that a traditional mill or lathe cannot do. This is thanks to the size of the wire used to deliver the electrical charge being so small. 

When designing these complex parts, our machinists will work with you to prototype the piece on the computer. This process helps you to visualize the part while giving our team the coded instructions to input into the machine. 

Contact us to learn more about EDM and see why it is the preferred method of machining for high precision parts.  We proudly serve Bohemia, NY, and the surrounding areas.